The Best Roads Are Here

What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides In Rhode Island?

- RI-77 to Sakonnet Point (14 miles)
- Foster/Glocester Loop (28 miles)
- Rte. 1A to Point Judith (18 miles)
- Arcadia Loop (50 miles)
- Little Compton Loop (22 miles)
- RI-14 (20 miles)
- Jamestown Loop (15 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Rhode Island

Below is our detailed list for the best motorcycle rides in Rhode Island! Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but it's filled with plenty of roads to explore, from the miles of coastline that earn it the moniker of the “Ocean State,” to leafy corridors on the western side. The best motorcycle rides in Rhode Island are here! Click on the Rhode Island motorcycle map links for the direct Google Maps route.

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DISTANCE: 14 miles
TIME: 25 mins

This Rhode Island motorcycle road runs north/south through Little Compton and offers a smooth ride past quaint farmlands and green pastures. On a weekday, there is usually very little traffic, making for a relaxing, sublime motorcycle ride through some of Rhode Island's most scenic country landscape. Little Compton is known for its quilt work pattern of stone wall bounded farms and woodland, complemented by saltwater ponds and ocean views. The end of this short ride offers views of Sakonnet Point Lighthouse and Newport's beaches and Wildlife Refuge across the bay. 

Photos by S. Profenna

Grinnell's Beach



RI-94, RI-102, US-44
DISTANCE: 28 miles
TIME: 45 mins

Explore the northwestern part of the state on this loop with some of the best motorcycle roads in Rhode Island. This route consists of RI-94, which is a fun little solitary road through Foster, RI, and features the best of Routes 44 and 102 through Glocester. There's some pleasant heavily forested areas and some nice open stretches to ride through. Overall, this loop will offer some of the state's best roadside diversity, as you ride past farmland, lakes and reservoirs. If you've got the time to explore more, be sure check out the great roads around the nearby Scituate Reservoir.

Foster, RI


via Google maps


Route 1A, Ocean Rd
DISTANCE: 18 miles
TIME: 40 mins

Much of this motorcycle ride in Rhode Island is coastal, and passes along Narragansett and Scarborough State Beaches. Between these two beaches, Ocean Road will take you through a twisty ride alongside beautiful homes. Take this road south all the way to the historic Point Judith Lighthouse and the nearby plateau overlook of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a popular summer route, but there's a bunch of great restaurants, clamshacks and cafes along the way. The road is very well maintained on this entire route, making for a smooth, beachside ride with lots of scenic sights to see.

Photos by S. Profenna

Ocean Road

Point Judith


RI-138, RI-165, RI-102
DISTANCE: 50 miles
TIME: 1 hour 15 mins

This loop around the southwestern part of Rhode Island has some surprisingly open stretches of road and some high elevation points (for Rhode Island, that is), especially on RI-165. This route consists of some of the best motorcycle roads in RI, and will briefly cross into the Connecticut state line. RI-138 offers lots of roadside diversity as you travel across the state. You'll ride past small university towns, cafes and open farmland scenery. Coming back from the CT state line, the road is more solitary along wetlands and dense, tall, forested trees. Enjoy the Rhode Island scenery with lakes and state park reservation areas on this motorcycle route.

Beach Pond




DISTANCE: 22 miles
TIME: 40 mins

Small states like Rhode Island mean small motorcycle roads.
Just east of the above Sakonnet route is another set of small, yet pleasant roads around the beautiful Little Compton area. Pass along farmland, leafy trees, and well-kept private landscaped homes. This loop consists of a few side roads, but we've got you covered - click on the map link for the direct Google Maps route. Really, all the roads in this little area are pleasant enough to ride, and no matter what road you take, it's almost impossible to get lost. You'll end up back where you were at some point! If you're looking to pass the time and enjoy a peaceful motorcycle ride, then it's worth exploring the surrounding roads around this great little seaside New England town.

Photo by S. Profenna

Willow Ave

Pottersville Rd


DISTANCE: 20 miles
TIME: 30 mins

This Rhode Island motorcycle ride will take you through the leafy forests of western RI.  You'll ride with great views as you cross over the Scituate Reservoir, which is the largest inland body of water in the state. RI-14 starts in the Providence area and heads west all the way across the state, but the best part of this motorcycle route is from Interstate 295 to the Connecticut state line. Overall, this is not an overly populated area of the state, and this route provides an easy-going ride with minimal traffic. The reservoir area has some of the best motorcycle rides in RI. If exploring more of this region, check out RI-12 and RI-116, which are two fun roads to motorcycle through.

Photos by S. Profenna

Foster, RI

Scituate Reservoir


DISTANCE: 15 miles
TIME: 40 mins

Between Newport and Narragansett Bay is Conanicut Island, home to the charmingly pleasant area of Jamestown. It's a peaceful, coastal gem with historic farms, parks, small beaches and award-winning restaurants. Enjoy the ocean and marina views on this 15 mile Rhode Island motorcycle road, especially on Conanicus Avenue. This area takes you right alongside the ocean with the Newport Bridge in view. Be sure to take the road leading to the Beavertail State Park Lighthouse (included in our map link), which takes you down to the southern tip of the island. This is the best part of the loop as you pass Mackerel Cove Beach. The pavement quality is beautifully smooth, and there's some nice little curves and turns to navigate. Even in the summer these roads are usually much less busy with traffic than its neighboring seaport towns.

E Shore Rd

Beavertail Rd

Beavertail State Park

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find RI motorcycle events?

Visit our friends at to find local RI Motorcycle Rallies and all scheduled bike shows happening in Rhode Island!

Where can I ride in Rhode Island?

Even though Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, there are still a surprising amount of motorcycle roads to discover. The northwestern part of the state has some great riding through dense forests. The southwest region has quaint towns and farmlands, while to coastal roads through Narragansett and Little Compton offer great motorcycle rides.

Do I have to wear a helmet in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island law requires motorcycle operators under 21 to wear a helmet. All new operators, regardless of age, must wear a helmet for one year after the date their motorcycle operator's license has been issued.

When is the best time to ride a motorcycle in Rhode Island?

Due to its northeastern location, the best time to ride a motorcycle in Rhode Island is the summer and fall. There are great motorcycle roads with ocean-side scenery in the summer, and in the autumn, the foliage is on full display in the forested northwest part of the state.

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