Great Motorcycle Roads in Massachusetts

The Best Roads Are Here

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Though considered one of America's smallest states, Massachusetts offers a surprising diversity of landscapes -  from windswept beaches to forest-covered mountains.  These are some of the best motorcycle roads in Massachusetts. Click on each map links for the direct Google Maps route. 

Mohawk Trail

Route 2 (72 miles)

Some of the best roadside scenery in Massachusetts can be seen along the famous Mohawk Trail, which runs east/west along the northern part of the state. This historic road began as a Native American trade route, and there are great views alongside the Connecticut and Deerfield River. The best part of this road is from the NY border to the  MA-202 area.

Photo by S. Profenna

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

New Marlborough to Southwick

Route 57 (30 miles)

This east/west route along the southern portion of Massachusetts offers varying elevation rises and great scenery near Sandisfield State Park, and continues with some excellent long curves over by Granville State Forest.

Granville, MA

Granville, MA

Route 57

New Salem to Ware

Routes 122, 32A (22 miles)

This road meanders around the Quabbin Reservoir and is relatively a quiet ride through the forest. From Route 122, connect to 32A in Petersham south to Hardwick. Greenwich Road is an even quieter road with tight curves. For a longer ride, loop around the Reservoir along Route 202.

Hardwick, MA

Hardwick, MA

Route 32A

S Deerfield to Heath

Routes 116, 8A (44 miles)

There's great mountain and river views to be seen along this northwestern Massachusetts motorcycle route, along with some considerable elevation changes. Route 8A is little-known gem which continues north into Vermont. Its a small, narrow mountain road that leads through deep woods along the Mill Brook creek.

Photos by S. Profenna

Heath, MA

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Route 105

(29 miles)

This route will take you alongside the numerous ponds in Lakeview, MA. There are some nice, long stretches just south of Halifax. Some of this is through quiet suburban towns, but a great section of this motorcycle road is in the forested area between the Great and Little Quittacas Ponds. A nice back roads route if traveling from Boston to Cape Cod.

Photo by S. Profenna

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

Westport Loop

Horseneck Rd,  Hixbridge Rd, Main Rd (15 miles)

This quiet beach loop showcases Westport's farmland and ocean view roads, as you loop around Horseneck Beach Reservation area. There are some great views of the Atlantic on Beach Rd, across bridges, and overlooking marinas. Be sure to include the causeway road to Gooseberry Island included in the map link.

Photos by S. Profenna

Westport River

Beach Road

Route 119

(13 miles)

Route 119 from the NH border to the Townsend area will take you along state parks in the woods. There's winding, tight curves through the forested area of northern Massachusetts. The road opens up nicely with lake views closer to the NH border. This motorcycle road stays great all the way into Brattleborough, VT.

Photos by S. Profenna

Ashby, MA

Asburnham, MA

Dartmouth Loop

(27 miles)

Ride along this quiet motorcycle route among Dartmouth's best roads featuring rivers, farmland,  ocean views and marinas. There are a few side roads on this route, so just click on the map link below for the direct Google maps route and enjoy the ride!

Knowles Beach

Photo by S. Profenna

Potomska Rd

Newburyport to Cape Anne

Routes 1A, MA-127 (41 miles)

Tour “America’s Oldest Seaport" from the great town of Newburyport to down and around the Cape Anne peninsula just north of Boston. There's scenic beaches, fresh seafood, stunning vistas and narrow, winding roads connecting it all. There's some tight turns along the quaint Route 127, and some nice open stretches of farmland in the Newbury area along 1A (all of which are included among the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway.)

Photos by S. Profenna

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Rockport, MA