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What Are The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides In Florida?

- Tamiami Trail to Everglades (159 miles)
- Florida Route 19 (55 miles)
- Miami to Key West (155 miles)
- Lake Apopka Loop (47 miles)
- Ozello Trail (10 miles)
- Hastings to Fruit Cove (42 miles)
- Green Swamp Loop (72 miles)
- Weeki Wachee Ride (15 miles)
- Ormond Loop (24 miles)
- County Road 476 (30 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Florida

Below is our in-depth list of the best Florida motorcycle rides and routes. "The Sunshine State" is unique in that it has one thing most states don't have - warm winter riding! Discover some hidden gems with these motorcycle rides that offer great curves and hills among Florida's many state and national parks. We've also included some rides along the best coastal roads that will offer vast, ocean views while traveling FL by motorcycle. Click on the Florida motorcycle map links for the direct Google Maps route.

Tips For Florida Motorcycle Rides

Looking for scenic routes for motorcycles in Florida? Keep in mind the heat and humidity is very high in Florida, especially during the summer. It's best to ride with breathable riding gear, including mesh motorcycle jackets and pants. These offer good abrasion resistance and armor, but are also vented with huge mesh panels - optimized for maximum airflow. In addition, lightweight rain gear is important, as frequent thunderstorms and heavy rains are likely on your FL motorcycle rides.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Helmet in Florida?

While you're on your way to finding where to ride motorcycles in Florida, keep in mind Florida has a partial helmet law. As long as you're over the age of 21 and are covered by an acceptable insurance policy, you are not required to wear a helmet. For younger motorcyclists, helmets are mandatory. Protective gear is always a good idea on these Florida motorcycle roads, as there are a potentially dangerous mix of both youthful and elderly drivers with limited abilities. Also be aware of the many tourists that may be unfamiliar with the roads. Read more: leg.state.fl.us


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Routes 41, 997, 9336
DISTANCE: 159 miles
TIME: 3 hours 10 mins

First on our list for the best motorcycle rides in Florida is the Tamiami Trail. The route we've included here is 155 miles in length. Its the oldest east-west highway across Florida's southern tip, before "Alligator Alley", Interstate 75, was built. Cross the vast sweeps of grassy savanna, cypresses and mangroves on this route. This is a must-ride if you want to experience motorcycling through the undisturbed swamps where southern Florida's wildlife resides. While there aren't necessarily any sweeping curves or exciting elevation changes, motorcyclists will still relax and enjoy the scenery and wildlife on this Florida motorcycle ride. Just be on the lookout for gators, snakes and turtles hanging out on the roadside!
(Photos: J. Good / J. Allen)



DISTANCE: 55 miles
TIME: 1 hour

Every Florida rider knows there's much more to the 'Sunshine State' than its beach side riding. This quiet north/south Florida motorcycle road is between Palatka and Altoona, and takes you through Ocala National Forest and alongside Lake George. The national forest is a gem in the heart of the state, and offers a fantastic ride for those who want to get away from the sun and ocean while opting for the shade from these park's trees. Ocala National Forest is conveniently located between Interstate 95 and Interstate 75, making this route easy to get to from virtually any part of the state. While most of this route is a straight-shot, there many spots to stretch the legs and venture on to some of the nearby trails throughout the forest. Enjoy the scenery of the old Florida horse farms and wetlands.
(Photos: J. Godin)



Route 1
DISTANCE: 155 miles
TIME: 4 hours

Fuel up and prepare for a sun-soaked ride from Miami down 155 miles to Key West. Route 1 is definitely one of the most popular motorcycle rides in Florida, famous for the tremendous amounts of sunshine and ocean views. Along the way to down to the Southernmost Point of the Continental Unites States, there are State parks to visit, quaint seaside towns and various unique shops all along this FL motorcycle road. Once you get past Florida City, keep on the lookout for roadside gators, turtles and snakes. This ride is actually a relaxed pace for most of the way, and the Seven Mile Bridge is an experience all by itself! Cruising the Florida Keys will take a few hours, so enjoy the ride and take advantage of the many places to stretch your legs before you arrive in the beautiful Key West!
(Photo: Gettyimages) 



Routes 48, 561, 455, 438, 429
DISTANCE: 47 miles
TIME: 1 hour 20 mins

What is the best motorcycle ride near Orlando? This scenic FL motorcycle route can be found just northwest of Orlando, and will take you around Lake Apopka. There's some great scenery to take in along the way, with lots of nice turns and elevation changes (for Florida, that is!) as you ride through pastures and pine forests. Be sure to check out the nearby Green Mountain observation deck, and enjoy one of the best motorcycle rides in Florida! For a longer ride to the north, check out the old scenic roads from Winter Garden, then through Tavares, and on to Mt Dora. 
(Photo: floridatraveller.com)



State Route 494
DISTANCE: 10 miles
TIME: 20 mins

Looking for a twisty motorcycle ride in Florida? Look no further than the Ozello Trail along State Route 494. One of the shorter Florida motorcycle rides is also a hidden gem that should not be missed. The Ozello trail is about 60 miles north of Tampa. There are plenty of curves and beautiful scenery on this casual road on the Gulf Coast of central Florida. As far as twisties, this may be some of the state's best. Be sure to check out Peck's Port Cove for some great food, and Ozello Park at the end of the road. This is a great road to ride even for riders who are beginners or moderate skill level. You will definitely wish this road was longer! The Ozello Trail is one of the top central Florida motorcycle rides.
(image source)



Routes 13, 13A
DISTANCE: 42 miles
TIME: 1 hour

This scenic FL motorcycle ride takes you along the St Johns River, which is the longest river in the state. This route offers great views of the river, whether you take this ride north or south. Navigate a few twists and curves through shaded roads, which comes from the abundance of oaks and Spanish moss trees along this route - making it a great ride even in the summer. There are several parks to stop along the way as well, including Riverfront Park and Alpine Groves Park. Overall, this is a beautiful straight, well paved road, and it's a great motorcycle road in Florida to ride in any time of the year.



FL-33, FL-50, State Rte 471, Green Pond Rd
DISTANCE: 72 miles
TIME: 1 hour 40 min

This route offers a scenic tour of the Green Swamp Preserve and some nice rural roads. It's a large preserve consisting of 560,000 acres of wetlands, flatlands, and low ridges. There's some long stretches on this Florida motorcycle ride, especially on Hwy 33 where you can open up the throttle a bit. Green Pond Rd turns into Rockridge Rd, and there's some fun twists and turns to ride with great scenery. Be sure to detour onto Lake Erie Rd and Bay Lake Rd (included in the map link). As of 2022, the roads are reported to be in in pretty good shape overall, just watch out for the occasional sandy spots.



Route 597, 595, Cortez Blvd
DISTANCE: 15 miles
TIME: 25 mins

This short motorcycle ride in the Gulf side of Florida will take you through the Aripeka Sandhills area and winds through the grass flats along the Gulf and past Weeki Wachee Springs. At the north end of this route make a left and a few miles up is the Pine Island beach. There's some fun turns and straightaways. It's a relaxing ride through rural settings that will make you feel like you're riding in old-time Florida. The only negative is that you'll wish this ride was longer!



FL A1A, High Bridge Rd, Old Dixie Hwy
DISTANCE: 24 miles
TIME: 40 mins

What is the best motorcycle ride for Daytona Bike Week? Without a doubt, the best route to take is the Ormond Loop featuring Florida A1A and Old Dixie Hwy. It's a beautiful motorcycle ride in Central Florida. The Ormond Loop is just north of Daytona Beach. It's also a popular road during the Daytona Biketoberfest. You'll ride along the Atlantic ocean on A1A, and a tree covered canopy road with a few corners and curves. The ride through the marshland can make for a nice break from the congestion downtown. The High Bridge section takes you through some twisties near the Tomoka River. The road through the Tomoka State Park forest will provide shady trees hanging over the road. For a longer ride, continue south on A1A to Daytona for more oceanside views and restaurants.
(Photos: flickrridermagazine.com)



Lake Lindsey Rd, Centralia Rd
DISTANCE: 30 miles
TIME: 40 mins

A great ride north of Tampa is County Rd 476, also known as Citrus County 476. There's a tremendous amount of diverse scenery for this part of the state. The scenery changes from farmland vistas to gentle curving tree-encased roadway as you pass alongside the Withlacoochee State Forest and nearby environmentally preserved lands. There is generally light traffic on this great Florida motorcycle road as well. Conveniently located between Tampa and Crystal River, the County Road 476 offers some of the best Old Florida country the state has to offer. It's also very close to two of our above-mentioned routes - the Weeki Wachee Ride and the Ozello Trail. Incorporating these three motorcycle roads together would make for some of the best riding in all of western Florida!
(Photos: aaroads.com)


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What are the best motorcycle rides in Florida? Find out the best routes around Orlando and motorcycle rides near Tampa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Florida good for motorcycle riding?

While there may not be a vast array of mountainous twisties in Florida, the state has one thing most other states do not - warm winter riding! Florida's landscapes are generally level and its motorcycle roads tend to be relatively straight. However, there are some great motorcycle rides to be found FL, including around the St Johns River, the Green Swamp area and many coastal ocean-side roads.

Does Florida have twisty roads?

While it is true Florida may not have a wide array of twisty roads in much of the state, there are some surprisingly curvy routes to be found here. Our featured routes with the most twists include Lake Apopka Loop near Orlando, as well as the Ozello Trail just north of Tampa.

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