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What are the Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in Alabama?

- Little River Canyon Parkway (16 miles)
- Alabama Route 25 (20 miles)
- Natchez Trace Parkway (33 miles)
- Talladega Forest Loop (52 miles)
- Guntersville Lake (32 miles)
- Daleville to Geneva (33 miles)
- Paint Rock to Estillfork (29 miles)
- Route 159 (31 miles)
- Rock Mills to Selma (143 miles)
- Bankhead National Forest (46 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Alabama

Below is our detailed list of the best motorcycle rides in Alabama! These motorcycle routes will take you over rolling hills, through lush forests and along the pristine, white Gulf Coast beaches. Follow the course of Alabama's rich cultural history on these great motorcycle roads! Click on the Alabama motorcycle map links for the direct Google maps route, and discover the best motorcycle destinations in the state.


Check out our video on Alabama's Best Motorcycle Roads! Experience what it's like to take a motorcycle trip on the Natchez Trace Parkway, the Little River Canyon Parkway and the epic Alabama Dragon on AL-25!

Tips For Alabama Motorcycle Rides

Looking for scenic places to ride motorcycle in Alabama? You'll get hot and humid weather if riding in the summer. Prepare by wearing jackets and pants that provide good airflow. Packing light rain gear is a good idea as well, since severe storms are not uncommon in the south. Fall is arguably the best time to ride here, as the cooler temperatures and autumn colors make for a comfortable and scenic ride. The higher elevation areas of Alabama can get a bit on the colder side in the winter, so be prepared by using a quality layers.

Do I Need A Motorcycle Helmet in Alabama?

While you're discovering these scenic motorcycle rides in Alabama, keep in mind the state's helmet law. Alabama does have a helmet law, which requires anyone riding or operating a motorcycle to wear protective headgear specifically designed for motorcycle riders and passengers.
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DISTANCE: 16 miles
TIME: 30 mins

This 2-lane motorcycle route in Alabama meanders through the deep forest of the Little River Canyon Natural Preserve. It's one of our shorter rides on our list, but very picturesque. Start this Alabama motorcycle ride at the Overlook Trail along the Little River Canyon. It's a fun, twisty road, and there are numerous overlooks to enjoy the canyon and waterfalls along the way. Autumn is possibly the best time to experience this ride when foliage is at its peak. But at any time of year, the scenic views won't disappoint! While many of Alabama's most famous scenic motorcycle roads consists of overpasses, dams and overlook canyons, the deep trek down the Little River Canyon makes for a fantastic ride in the Heart of Dixie!



DISTANCE: 20 miles
TIME: 30 mins

This is truly one of the best motorcycle roads in Alabama, and one of the most exciting as far as the challenge. There's fantastic scenery and beautiful views crossing over the mountain, as you ride with river canyon overlooks and giant rock formations off to the side. This route connects between AL-411 and AL-231 just east of Birmingham. Riders can expect great sweeping turns and some dramatic hairpin turns, especially around Thomson Gap and Coosa Mountain. The pavement is also in good condition overall. Hone your technical skills as you ride through central Alabama's rural areas. While there's something to be said about riding the entire 257 mile State Highway 25, this section between Leeds and Vincent is the most exhilarating section. Best of all, it's off-limits to commercial vehicles.



DISTANCE: (AL side) 33 miles
TIME: 35 mins

The National Park's website calls it "A Drive Through 10,000 Years of History." This Alabama motorcycle route runs through the heart of De Soto National Forest and has plenty of scenic nature views while you traverse the hills. It roughly follows the "Old Natchez Trace" - a historic travel corridor used by American Indians, European settlers and soldiers. The thick piney wood forests generally conceal most of the landscape from the surrounding roads in this forest, so the open space here is a nice respite. This motorcycle road is not very heavily traveled so it's a quiet ride with commercial traffic being prohibited. And best of all? There's not stop signs, stop lights or cross traffic! Just cruise among the beautiful scenery and historic sights. It's one of the most unique motorcycle rides in the country. The entire road starts in TN, which makes it one of the best motorcycle routes in Tennesseeand it ends all the way down in Mississippi. The Alabama section cuts through the northwestern tip of the state, and is about 33 miles in length.
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AL-49, AL-281, HWY 9
DISTANCE: 52 miles
TIME: 1 hour

The "Talladega" name says it all; this is where you're going to get your money's worth for Alabama scenery. This Alabama motorcycle route is especially scenic on the northern part of the loop in the beautiful and rugged part of the Talladega National Forest. Follow this route leading up to Cheaha Mountain (at 2,799ft) where there are many more great roads that are rideable virtually the entire year. Route 49 comes off the south side of the mountain and rolls through farms, meadows and small towns and beautiful foliage in the fall. This route includes the Talladega Scenic Drive, which is a great ride all by itself and runs through the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains. The lush forest stands as a testament to how great all national forests and parks are for motorcycle riders as they preserve the beauty of nature.



ROUTE 67, AL-35, AL-227
DISTANCE: 32 miles
TIME: 45 mins

Ride along the beautiful forests, waterfront roads and causeways near Lake Guntersville in the northwestern part of Alabama. There's some of the best twisties you'll find in the entire state, along with some great scenery leading through Lake Guntersville State Park. For most of the ride, you'll be following alongside the lake and the Tennessee River. This is a great Alabama motorcycle ride in just about any season, and as of 2023, great overall road pavement quality. This is a great road for riders of all skill levels, as there are lots of easy twisting curves along with the excellent lake views. It's generally just a peaceful ride. And it's a great alternative than taking the nearby US-79.



DISTANCE: 33 miles
TIME: 45 mins

For a nice Alabama motorcycle ride just north of the Florida state line, check out AL-85 from Daleville, AL to Route 52. It's an enjoyable little ride with minimal traffic, and some elevation changes, but this is really just a nice route if you're looking for a low-key, relaxing motorcycle ride in southern Alabama.



DISTANCE: 29 miles
TIME: 45 mins

West of Huntsville in northern Alabama is AL-65. Pick up Route 65 from Paint Rock, AL off Route 72 and head north up to the Tennessee state line. The pavement is great, and there's even some twisties for good measure to keep you on your toes. Enjoy this cruise through the Alabama country!



DISTANCE: 31 miles
TIME: 35 mins

Looking for a motorcycle road near Birmingham, AL? Route 159 can be found just over an hour west from the state's capital. Start this route in Gordo, AL and ride north 31 miles to Fayette, AL. It's a scenic, hilly road which motorcyclists will find to be a rather nice, peaceful ride. You'll see pasture land, rolling hills, and even some elevation changes.



DISTNCE: 143 miles
TIME: 3 hours

Alabama Route 22 is an old state road that runs across the middle of the state. 
Ride through the rural central Alabama country side with some nice towns along the way. The ride from Clanton to Selma offers a beautiful trip through the Black Belt of Alabama. There's some scenic farmland, old homes, and open country. It's a nice ride all along the way, especially between Rockford and Coopers where this AL motorcycle route crosses the Coosa River.



AL-33, AL-195
DISTANCE: 46 miles
TIME: 1 hour

A northern Alabama mainstay for motorcycle riders, the twisty roads of Alabama’s largest National Forest are a must if you’re nearby. Take this route from Moulton along AL-33 through the forest to Jasper along AL-195. The diverse scenery includes bluffs, canyons, natural springs, and lakes. There are four recreation areas if you want to cool off and check out one of it's amazing waterfall hikes, or get into some less-intensive open-air riding. Enjoy the historical sites that are abundant in this dense ride.


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Where Can I Find Alabama Motorcycle Events?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the curviest road in Alabama?

The curviest and steepest road in all of Alabama is known as the “Snake Way.” Located in Jackson County along Route 33, it has several hundred feet of elevation changes along with six hairpin turns in a 2.5 mile stretch of road.

Is Alabama a good place to ride a motorcycle?

Known as one of the best motorcycle destinations in America, Alabama has rolling hills, state parks, and the Gulf Coast to highlight its roads, which offers a number of scenic and sporty motorcycle rides. The Natchez Trace Parkway, which is one of the best motorcycle roads in the entire country, also runs through AL. Being situated in the Southeast United States, the winter weather is quite mild, which makes it a perfect state for year-round motorcycle riding.

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