Great Motorcycle Roads in Texas

The Best Roads Are Here

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These are some of the best motorcycle roads in all of Texas. Click on each map link of the direct Google Maps route. Send us your favorite routes - along with your pictures! [email protected]

Lajitas to Big Bend National Park

Routes 170, Panther Jct Rd, Gano Springs, Basin Junction (45 miles)

The Chisos Basin area of the park has monumental rock formations to ride through, as well as winding switchbacks. Big Bend is certainly spectacular riding. From west to east, the ride itself is a nice ascent into the mountains.

Marble Falls to Tom Hughes Park

Route 1431, 2769, Lime Creek Rd, Bullick Hollow Rd (58 miles)

Much of this route carves around the Colorado River just north of Austin. There are some very technical curves and turns along the western side of this motorcycle route. It will prove to be an exciting motorcycle ride with turn after turn, multiple hills, and great scenery.

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Hurstown to Newton

Route 87 (76 miles)

The Texas State Highway 87 is considered one of the best motorcycling roads in eastern Texas. This north/soute route in eastern Texas is a great ride along the Louisiana state line with a lot of hills and curves and some long straight-aways to really open up on. Optionally, take a loop route across the state line into South Toledo Bend State Park and up LA-191.

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Willow City Loop

(21 miles)

Known for its spectacular wildlife scenery, Willow City Loop in central Texas is a unique combination of small, rural back road with incredible scenery, and few cross roads or intersections. Weekend traffic on this loop can be heavy with sightseers,  so early mornings or weekdays will be a better ride.

Route 170 - The River Road

(115 miles)

Starting in the tiny far western community of Candelaria is Farm Road 170, a highway which offers adventurous motorcyclists the opportunity to travel along the western Texas border. 170 is also known to locals as "The River Road," because part of it skirts along the U.S. Side of the Rio Grande River. Ride through ghost towns and the mountainous Big Bend Ranch State Park with steep inclines and sharp turns.