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What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides In Missouri?

- Route 19 (204 miles)
- Route 125 (49 miles)
- Route 94 (102 miles)
- State Hwy 42 (62 miles)
- Highway 21 (61 miles)
- Linn Creek to Devil's Elbow (68 miles)
- Highway 8 (70 miles)

Motorcycle Rides Near Me In Missouri

Below is our detailed list of the best motorcycle roads in Missouri! Beautiful natural wonders, winsome small towns, and scenic drives with historic sights. These are just some of the types of motorcycle roads you can enjoy while riding through the great state of Missouri. We've got routes that include the beautiful Ozark country as well as rides along the Mississippi River. Your adventure starts here! Click on the Missouri motorcycle map links for the direct Google Maps route.


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Tips For Missouri Motorcycle Rides

Looking for places to ride motorcycles in Missouri? Since it's closer to the south than some of its neighboring Midwestern states, riders can expect a hot and humid climate throughout most of the spring, summer and fall here. Breathable riding gear, including mesh motorcycle jackets and pants do wonders in hot riding weather, as they allow for airflow hit your body. Also, keep an eye out for the weather forecast before embarking on these great motorcycle roads in Missouri!

Do I Need A Motorcycle Helmet In Missouri?

While you're discovering these scenic motorcycle rides in Missouri, keep in mind that as of 2022, motorcycle helmets are not required for riders over the age of 26. But the law does require riders who don't wear a helmet to have health insurance and does not apply to those with a permit.


DISTANCE: 204 miles
TIME: 4 hours

This scenic Missouri motorcycle ride between Kansas City and St Louis offers some of the most beautiful scenery of the state.​ ​ Perhaps the best section for motorcyclists will be near Bluff State Park, with its long, banked corners and curves. The turns are twisty enough for seasoned riders, but gentle enough for novices. There's some especially nice scenery riding through the dense forest trees near Mark Twain National Forest. Overall, this is a superb, yet peaceful ride, making it one of the best motorcycle roads in Missouri!
(photo: boa247.com)



DISTANCE: 49 miles
TIME: 1 hour

Ride among the many hills of the Ozarks on this great motorcycle road in Missouri. Highway 125 is in the lower part of the state and travels a good bit through the Mark Twain National Forest. There's an abundance of twists and turns, hills, scenic vistas, as well as a wide variety of vegetation on this route. Continue south into Arkansas on the Peel Ferry to Bradleyville for more great riding. The excellent road conditions here make this hands down one of the best motorcycle rides in the Ozarks!



DISTANCE: 102 miles
TIME: 2 hours

This is a fantastic ride in the central part of Missouri. Highway 94 is an east/west route from Weldon Spring to Jefferson City, and travels alongside the Missouri River. There's lots of twisting curves and turns, yet it's still a great road even for beginner riders. While over 100 miles in length, this route has many great places to stop including Defiance, Dutzow and Hermann across the River. There's also many local wineries on this great Missouri motorcycle road.



Hwy 42
DISTANCE: 62 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

This great Missouri motorcycle road can be started in the Lake of Ozarks State Park, just of Hwy 54. The road will take you through Iberia and Vienna. You'll pass through historical farmhouses and barns as you navigate around the many hills in this part of Missouri. State Highway 42 is an all around beautiful road that will also provide the motorcycle rider with an abundance of curves. Continue along Hwy 42 east to where the road meets with Hwy 28 in Belle, Missouri.



Old Hwy 21, MO- 21
DISTANCE: 61 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

For a fantastic motorcycle ride, be sure to check out MO-21 from MO-141 (Saint Louis County) to Arkansas. Here you'll find a bit of everything on one road. Highway 21 makes for a great day ride through Missouri's beautiful rural countryside. Be sure to take "Old Hwy 21" at the beginning instead of the 4 lane expressway between MO-141 and Hillsboro. The section of around Hillsboro is known as "Blood Alley" for its past history as a difficult, twisty highway. The pavement can be a bit bumpy here in some spots, so watch for potholes. Washington State Park is along the way and well worth a visit. For a longer loop ride with more twisties, detour at Potosi (which is Hwy 8) and ride Hwy P, Hwy DD and Hwy 32, where you can get back to Hwy 21 and continue to Elephant Rock State Park. This is some of the best motorcycle roads in Missouri!



DISTANCE: 68 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

This is a great Missouri motorcycle ride which starts just south of the Lake of the Ozarks State Park. On the SR-A, motorcyclists will experience a great ride, with plenty of long sweeping curves and scenic farm land near the state's beautiful Ozark Mountain area. Old Route 66 could be in better shape, but overall, this is a fun ride, making it one of the best Missouri motorcycle routes to check out.



DISTANCE: 70 miles
TIME: 1.5 hours

If you're looking for a great MO motorcycle ride, but don't want anything overly technical, check out Route 8 from St. James to Park Hills. This 70 mile stretch of Missouri motorcycle riding great for a day ride in the Mark Twain National Forest. There are plenty of great pull-offs and rest stops for you to make this a full day. The highway itself is well-maintained, and on lighter traffic days the elevation and gradual turns allow for some smooth riding with reasonable technical challenges on some of the turn-offs. As far as roadside landscapes, there's a combination of fields, hills, valleys, and forests. Overall, we highly recommend this for riders of any experience level.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Can I Find Missouri Motorcycle Events?

Visit our friends at BikeWeekEvents.com to find local MO Motorcycle Rallies and all scheduled bike shows happening in Missouri!

Is Missouri a good place to ride a motorcycle?

Missouri is full of great motorcycle roads to explore. There are miles of rolling hills and vast stretches of winding country roads for motorcycle riders.

Can you ride a motorcycle year round in Missouri?

Snowfall is not uncommon in Missouri from November to April. Weather can change quickly in these Midwest states. While some do ride here year-round, it is best to watch for weather updates if riding during these winter months.

Is lane splitting illegal in Missouri?

Lane splitting, which is riding a motorcycle on a traffic line or in between lanes of vehicle traffic, is not expressly prohibited by Missouri law. However, a rider who engages in lane splitting can be stopped and ticketed by a police officer for unsafe operation.

Do I need to wear a helmet when riding in Missouri?

As of 2020, Missouri motorcyclists ages 26 and older can ride without a helmet if they have both medical insurance and proof of financial responsibility.

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